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Danish contribution of DKK 125 million to UNICEF’s development and humanitarian efforts

12.03.2018  19:21

UNICEF’s work is guided first and foremost by the rights of children and this makes UNICEF a key partner to Denmark. Human rights is a vital and cross-cutting issue in Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, The World 2030. UNICEF is the world’s largest humanitarian organization for children and works to help children survive and thrive from childhood through adolescence by providing long-term development support and humanitarian response.

Denmark is a significant donor to UNICEF and just released DKK 125 million to UNICEF’s development and humanitarian efforts, as part of the total DKK 172 million contribution expected this year. As a large organization with both a development and humanitarian agenda, UNICEF has a key role to play in bridging development and humanitarian action, which is another of Denmark’s key priorities.

Denmark provides core funding to UNICEF to allow flexibility for the organization to prioritize the allocation of funds where it is most needed. UNICEF can use these funds to finance any programme within its Strategic Plan. In addition to Denmark’s core funding, it also supports thematic initiatives within education, health and child protection where we believe we can promote positive change, as well as UNICEF’s efforts on innovation, which are crucial in order to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and meet the needs of children all over the world. Denmark was the first donor to support UNICEF’s Innovation Fund and in 2018 Denmark will contribute DKK 10 million to the fund.

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