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Danish contribution to UNFPA of DKK 350 million

23.03.2018  17:48

As a leading advocate on sexual and reproductive health and rights and as a global service provider, UNFPA’s work is both normative and operational. UNFPA works for a world in which every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled. Every person must be able to access high quality sexual and reproductive health services so they can make informed and voluntary family planning choices. Since 1969, when UNFPA was founded, the number of women dying from pregnancy and childbirth related causes have been halved. Young people have better access to evidence-based information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. However, the right to sexual and reproductive health is under severe pressure on a global level, especially for young people and for women and girls.

UNFPA’s mandate aligns closely with the priorities outlined in Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, ‘The World in 2030’. The Government of Denmark believes that ensuring gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Denmark is a long-standing partner of UNFPA and one of the major political and financial supporters of UNFPA, ranking in the top 10 of donors (total contributions). In 2018, Denmark will contribute with a total amount of DKK 350 mio. to UNFPA’s work. Core contributions amount to DKK 225 mio., another DKK 113 mio. is earmarked for UNFPA’s work to enhance sexual and reproductive health and rights in Africa and the Middle East, and DKK 12 mio. is given to support UNFPA’s Innovation Fund with the objective of strengthening aid effectiveness and efficiency and improving development and humanitarian results on the ground.

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