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How to achieve the energy transition? A webinar series

19.08.2020  21:49
A webinar series about the energy transition intiatives from the Climate Action Summit - September 3 - 17 2020

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The world has changed radically in the year since the Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit. The world is now facing a global pandemic and the worst economic downturn in decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to unravel important achievements on both the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, but the recovery from the pandemic also carries the opportunity of a transformation of global energy systems and thus accelerate climate action and development. Energy transition can play a key role in securing the achievement of a global green recovery. It will be essential to demonstrate that this transformation is possible, with the right policies, projects and investments. 

At the Climate Action Summit, nine main initiatives related to energy transition emerged. These initiatives each aim to address different aspects of the energy transition, including decarbonising the shipping sector, putting the world on a path to 3 percent annual energy efficiency improvement, reducing emissions from the cooling sector, accelerating climate financing, increasing access to sustainable energy in LDCs and in SIDS, increasing renewable energy capacity in Latin America, catalyzing a new market for energy storage solutions and achieving universal access to clean cooking.

One year on from the Climate Action Summit, we would like to take this opportunity to showcase the results these initiatives have achieved in the past year, present and discuss the visions of the initiative in the time ahead. It will provide an opportunity to discuss how the initiatives can support countries' efforts to recover better and greener and contribute to enhancing their NDCs.


• Sep 3rd 9.00 - 10.00: High-Level launch of the series

• Sep 10th 9.30-11.00: Cool Coalition - Cool Down to Speed Up Climate Action and Green Recovery

• Sep 11th 9.00-10.00: Renewable Energy For Latin America and the Caribbean - Towards a Regional Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean

• Sep 14th 8.00-9.30: Energy Storage Initiative - Leveraging Renewables and Energy Storage through an integrated approach maximizing socio-economic benefits

• Sep 14th 10.00-11.30: Three Percent Club - International collaboration and greater collective action to achieve accelerated energy efficiency progress towards 3% goals and a sustainable recovery

• Sep 15th 8.00-9.30: Accelerating Renewable Energy in SIDS - Energy Transformation in Small Island Developing States: Towards sustainable and climate resilient post-pandemic recovery

• Sep 15th 10.00-11.30: Coalition for Sustainable Energy Access - Why South-to-South cooperation must be part of the solution in bridging the energy access gap in LDCs and ODCs

• Sep 16th 8.00-9.30: Clean Cooking Fund Initiative- High-Level Dialogue on Accomplishments, Opportunities and Challenges

• Sep 16th 10.00-11.30: Climate Investment Platform - Facilitating Energy Transition for Green Recovery: Emerging Models of Climate Finance for Clean Energy

• Sep 17th 8.30 – 10.00: Powering Past Coal Alliance – Accelerating the global transition to a sustainable and inclusive clean energy future

• Sep 17th 10.30-11.30: Getting to Zero Coalition - Global opportunities for energy and fuel production to support shipping decarbonisation