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Danish contribution to the UNFPA Innovation Fund

22.08.2017  01:34

Innovation is a high priority for Denmark. In a rapidly changing world, innovation is a critical component in achieving transformational and agile results in the lives of women, adolescents and youth, as well as accelerating progress towards achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Innovation offers new ways of addressing challenges by engaging non-traditional partners, by leveraging new technology and by fostering a new way of thinking. It also creates opportunities for scaling up results, increasing reach, impact, efficiency and effectiveness in the way UNFPA operates.

Read more about the UNFPA Innovation Fund, here.

The objective of the Innovation Fund has been to maximize UNFPA’s effectiveness and create spaces where staff around the world could test new ways of addressing challenges. With the Danish support, UNFPA has now conducted its fifth call for innovation proposals. In 2016 alone, 60 project proposals were submitted from staff of UNFPA from around the world. 11 projects have been selected through a competitive vetting process for implementation in 2017. UNFPA is now transitioning from the first phase of implementing the Innovation Fund to the implementation and operationalization of the UNFPA Innovation Strategy for the coming years. The mission is to focus further on scaling up innovative projects, promoting broader involvement of innovative private sector partners, as well as strengthening synergies and cooperation across UN agencies.

Since 2014, Denmark has supported UNFPA with DKK 42.000.000, specifically earmarked for a global UNFPA Innovation Fund. Some of the projects supported by Denmark include the "Pink and White Mobile App" which aims to provide young people in Urban and Rural Communities with access to sexual and reproductive health information and services.

For more information on the cooperation between UNFPA and Denmark on innovation watch the interview with UNFPA Technical Division Director Benoit Kalasa.