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Statement delivered by Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod On the occasion of the High-level Replenishment Conference for the Secretary-General's Peacebuilding Fund’s (PBF)

26.01.2021  16:11

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Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

I wish to thank the co-chairs for hosting today’s conference. With this important gathering, we reaffirm our support of multilateralism and global solidarity.


Denmark shares the UN Secretary General’s commitment to conflict prevention in our efforts to bring peace and sustainable development worldwide.

COVID-19 has emphasized this priority. The pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities in our societies – inequality, structural weaknesses in health systems and social protection.

Addressing these challenges is instrumental in building resilient societies and in building back better and greener.


Denmark is proud to have played an active role in the founding of the UN Peacebuilding Architecture 15 years ago.

Prevention and peacebuilding remains our best strategy for upholding the UN Charter’s promise to save future generations from the devastations of war.

This requires sustainable and predictable financing for peacebuilding. We cannot wait for the eruption of armed conflict or humanitarian crisis before we act. The cost of waiting is always greater – in human lives first, but also in financial terms.


In addition to funding, we must focus on three priorities:

First, a leap in funding must be followed by a stronger emphasis on impact and results. We owe this to the victims of instability and conflict. And it is critical in our mission to mobilise additional funds.

Second, effective conflict prevention and peacebuilding require us to work together. The SG’s reform agenda is critical for bringing greater coherence across the UN’s three pillars. However, the UN must become better at working with external partners. In this regard, we welcome the partnership between the UN and the World Bank. We must also work closely with national and local stakeholders. We must include them from the beginning to achieve sustainable peace.

Third, the Fund must continue to play a frontier role in advancing key policy priorities. We are pleased to see the Fund positioning itself at the forefront of delivering on the women, peace and security agenda. And we fully support the growing number of projects involving a climate-security or human rights focus.


In closing, let me reaffirm Denmark’s strong political and financial commitment to the Peacebuilding Fund. We will even make a new financial  increase in our multiannual contribution. We have heard the SG’s call for increased contribution. I hope that others have too. Thank you.