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Danish contribution of DKK 220 million to UNDP

28.03.2018  00:56

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) plays an important role within the UN development system by pulling the agencies of the UN together in delivering integrated and coordinated development activities. UNDP operates with a dual mandate of supporting individual country-led efforts in achieving the 2030 Agenda, as well as a leadership role in promoting a coherent UN development system at country level. UNDP has a unique and specific mandate on promoting democratic governance and peacebuilding and state building in post-conflict settings. In a world where multidimensional approaches to development are in high demand, UNDP further plays a critical part in conjoining humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts to ensure long-term sustainable socioeconomic solutions around the world. Due to its global country presence, UNDP is usually present before, during and after a crisis hits and is therefore positioned to ensure a unified response between different types of assistance.

Denmark is a long-standing partner of UNDP. In 2018, Denmark will provide a total amount of DKK 220 mio. in support for UNDP’s activities. DKK 110 mio. will be provided in core funding for UNDP’s regular activities and programmes around the World. Since 2008, Denmark has remained a top 10 donor to UNDP’s core resources, supporting the efforts to e.g. eradicate poverty and address climate change-related developments. In line with Danish priorities, gender equality and human rights are crucial crosscutting issues to be mainstreamed across all UNDP’s activities.

DKK 95 mio. will be provided in thematic contributions to support governance and inclusive societies as well as early development responses to crisis and recovery. This support goes to UNDP’s work on the ground in fragile states in Africa and the Middle East with the aim of promoting more inclusive and peaceful societies, the rule of law and protect human rights in conflict-affected states.

DKK 15 mio. will go to the UNDP Innovation Facility. This facility seeks to re-think and improve current development approaches and to identify new ways of addressing global and complex development challenges more effectively, hereby creating real impact for people and for the planet. Denmark is the main donor to the work of the Innovation Facility.