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Cooperation with UNDP on innovative ways of doing sustainable development

25.07.2017  14:48

Denmark is a key partner and contributor to UNDP’s innovation activities. The aim of this cooperation on innovation is to support novel approaches that trigger change and improve development results on the ground.

Innovation is important to Denmark, as it can improve the way we do development, make it more effective and ensure better results in the field for those most in need. In 2013, the Danish government therefore decided to provide some UN agencies, including UNDP, with funds specifically aimed at promoting innovation. This is especially important in the context of implementation of the 2030 Agenda that calls for a huge, concerted effort by a wide range of actors to deliver development in new ways. This includes re-redesigning public services together with citizens, testing the effects of policies before they are rolled out, and leveraging new technologies and the vast amount of new and open data that is now available to policy makers.

Read more about UNDP’s work on innovation, here.

An example of a UNDP innovation project is ‘Matcheli’ in Armenia that helps map accessibility for the physically challenged in downtown Yerevan. It was developed together with the local community and has become a valuable resource for users in Yerevan where 50 percent of the Armenian population is based.

Denmark’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ib Petersen, invited Policy Specialist Benjamin Kumpf, UNDP, for a talk about how UNDP works with partners on innovation.