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Denmark’s Engagement with the UNDP

Denmark is a long-time partner of UNDP and in 2016 210 million DKK were provided for UNDP activities. Furthermore, 10 million DKK were provided for UNDP’s innovation activities with the aim of supporting novel approaches that trigger change and improve development results on the ground.

UNDP has the most comprehensive mandate among all UN agencies, including issues such as democratic governance, peacebuilding and state-building. UNDP’s work connects all three dimensions of sustainable development (the social, environmental and economic dimensions) and the organisation is in a position to engage directly in fragile states. It also has a special role in providing some of the back-bone for the whole UN development system and ensuring coordination among agencies. Denmark’s support for UNDP focuses especially on promoting democratic governance as a way to promote human rights for all; supporting conflict prevention and early recovery; and developing integrated approaches to sustainable human development.

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