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Danish contribution to innovation in UN Women

19.05.2017  20:26

Denmark is the key contributor to innovation in UN Women. The aim of the contribution is to support UN Women in testing new ideas for more effective and different approaches to advancing women’s development and rights and to take them to scale, if they prove sustainable. Innovation is important to Denmark, as it can change the way we do development. In 2013, the Danish government therefore decided to provide the UN agencies working on innovation, including UN Women, with extra funds earmarked for innovation. Denmark became the first donor to support innovation in UN Women. 

Some of the projects and activities supported by Denmark include:

  • Building capacity to co-identify innovation through the Innovation Incubator Champions: An internal innovation incubator trains and supports internal innovation champions in UN Women to identify new approaches and solutions to accelerate progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.  
  • Buy from Women Enterprise Platform: In Rwanda, UN Women - in close partnership with the government and the World Food Programme (WFP) - is piloting the Buy from Women Enterprise Platform - a data-driven, enterprise platform that combines an open source end-to-end cloud-based, and mobile enabled supply chain system to connect women farmers to information, finance and markets.
  • Virtual Skills School: UN Women is in the process of developing a business case and prototype for a Virtual Skills School (VSS) to help women and girls leapfrog ineffective, low-quality or inaccessible educational and skills development opportunities, including by using technology and innovative learning pedagogies.
  • Addressing campus violence against women in South Africa: The Innovation Facility invested in prototype development of innovative approaches and technology tools to address campus violence against women in South Africa including through an innovative design process and by engaging men and boys to come up with new technological solutions to prevent and/or respond to violence and the recovery of survivors.

Denmark’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ib Petersen, invited Director of Innovation (UN Women), Fiona Bayat-Renoux, to explain how innovation makes a difference.