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Danish contribution to the UNICEF Innovation Fund

25.04.2017  22:31

Denmark is one of the key contributors to the UNICEF Innovation Fund that aims to test new ideas and take them to scale, if they prove sustainable. Innovation is important to Denmark, as it can change the way we do development. In 2013, the Danish government therefore decided to provide the UN agencies working on innovation, including UNICEF, with extra funds earmarked for innovation. Denmark became the first donor to support UNICEF’s Innovation Fund. 

Read more about the UNICEF Innovation Fund, here.

Some of the projects supported by Denmark include the U-report that has been used to combat Ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone. U-Report is a mobile phone, SMS-based program designed to empower people in countries where UNICEF works to speak out on issues that they care about in their communities, encourage citizen-led development, and create positive change.

Denmark’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ib Petersen, invited Senior Advisor on Innovation (UNICEF), Christopher Fabian, to explain how innovation makes a difference.