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Statement marking the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Youth 2030 Strategy

16.09.2020  19:03
Statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador H.E. Ms. Marie-Louise Koch Wegter on the occasion of the Member States briefing marking the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Youth2030 Strategy

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Thank you to the Slovak Republic and Sri Lanka for hosting this timely event. 


Two years ago the Secretary General launched the UNs strategy on youth - “Youth 2030” - with the participation of the Danish Prime minister and a Danish Youth Delegate. Denmark was the first country to co-finance to the youth strategy - an illustration of the strong Danish commitment to meaningful youth participation.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Secretary General and the Youth Envoy on the progress made so far. But we still have a long way to go.


The global youth represent one of the greatest resources that we have. As innovative drivers of positive change, they are key to achieving the SDGs. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with youth and young leaders to create sustainable change. The young people are not just leaders of tomorrow. They are partners of today.


That young people must be taken seriously is more evident now than ever. All over the world, young people have taken action to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic on their local communities. And they did so – and are doing so - without waiting for permission. All of us in this room and beyond have the responsibility to provide platforms and opportunities for them to voice their views, insights, thoughts, ideas and concerns. And we have a strong responsibility to include them in decision-making processes.


If we fail to include the young generation of today, if we turn our backs on them, they may fail to see the value of the UN and turn their backs on us.


Denmark is as committed to meaningful youth participation today as we were two years ago. I am therefore pleased to hand over the remainder of my speaking time to one of the six Danish youth delegates to the UN, Casper Pedersen.


Thank you.