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Statement by Denmark to the General Assembly on Report of the Secretary-General on the future of UN Peace Operations

13.10.2015  22:59
Statement by Denmark to the General Assembly on Report of the Secretary-General on the future of United Nations peace operations: “Implementation of the Recommendations of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations”
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Denmark aligns itself with the EU statement given earlier today so allow me here to only make a few supplementary comments:

In today’s world, the need for strong and effective UN peace operations has never been greater and Denmark welcomes the review initiated by the Secretary-General last year. Denmark fully supports the report of the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations and the Secretary-General’s report on implementation of the recommendations herein.

Combined, the reports represent a very timely, comprehensive and relevant basis for reforming and strengthening our common efforts in a time, when we are faced with ever more complex security crises and threats. To counter these growing challenges, more needs to be done. UN peace operations remain absolutely essential in the world of today.

Coherence must be a guiding principle of our reform effort. The peace operations review must be seen in connection with the review of the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security and the peacebuilding architecture review.

Support to UN peace operations has been, and will continue to be a central pillar of Denmark’s foreign policy. We actively participate in several UN peace operations as well as in capacity-building missions in countries affected by conflict and fragility. Our development cooperation aims at contributing to stability and development and thus ultimately at preventing conflicts from evolving in the first place.
During the high-level week, my Government announced its intention to provide a number of new commitments to support UN peace operations:

- First, deployment of a military contribution to MINUSMA in order to address the critical shortfalls as well as  a police contribution of up to 12 officers. Furthermore, Denmark is planning a 3 million USD contribution to trust funds managed by MINUSMA.

- Secondly, a contribution of 1.5 million USD towards improving and strengthening the UN’s efforts to protect civilians in Peace Operations, including pre-deployment training of troops focused on effective mandate implementation . 
- Thirdly, a core contribution of 2.7 million US dollars to DPA for the period 2015-2017. Denmark fully agrees with the High-level Panel and the Secretary-General that the UN’s role in conflict prevention, mediation and providing political solutions to conflicts must be strengthened – as an integral element in a coherent UN approach to peace operations. 

In conclusion; we fully support the Secretary-General’s call for the General Assembly to take early action in response to the reports’ recommendations.
In the work over the coming months, our ultimate goal must be to ensure that the UN can effectively provide security in the world of today. This means ensuring that the UN has the right instruments at its disposal in addressing today’s difficult security situation. We must take an honest look at the shortcomings and inefficiencies of the current peace and security architecture and carry forward bold and ambitious reforms.