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Nomination of the third SDG 5 Dream Team player: Khalida Popal

20.06.2017  22:34

Moya Dodd nominates Khalida Popal of Afghanistan to be the third player on the SDG 5 Gender Equality Dream Team to play at the Global Goals World Cup in New York in September 2017.

Moya Dodd is the highest ranking woman in Australian and Asian soccer, an outspoken gender equality activist and former vice captain of the Australian National Soccer Team.

Dodd: “I am nominating Khalida not just because she was the first captain of the Afghan women’s national team, not just because she has been a role model for thousands of women and girls in her region, but also because she is a warrior for justice and hope – and for what she will do next.”

Khalida Popal was the first ever captain of the Afghan Women’s National Soccer Team. But this is probably the least of her accomplishments. Khalida used her position as a team captain to speak up, not only about women’s right to play sports, but about women’s rights – period – and claimed the symbol of sport on behalf of all Afghan women.

Fearing repercussions from the Taliban, she was forced to leave her country and was granted asylum in Denmark. In Denmark, she founded the organization ‘Girl Power’ with the mission of using sport and movement to empower and improve inclusion of women by getting sports coaches from different sports to go to asylum centers and give women and girls the joy and health benefits of physical activity.

Welcome to the SDG 5 Dream Team, Khalida! We could not think of anyone we would rather have as defense in the fight for gender equality.

Stay tuned for the nomination of the next unstoppable female gender activist in the months leading up to the Global Goals World Cup finals in September 2017.

The Global Goals World Cup is an activist women’s soccer tournament, where teams of inspiring women and adolescent girls play for their chosen Sustainable Development Goal. The Finals will take place on Sunday, 17 September 2017 in New York (venue tbd). Read more about the tournament on and the SDG 5 Gender Equality Dream Team here.

SDG 5 Dreamteam Nomination by Moya Dodd from GGWCUP on Vimeo.

Khalida Popal Accepting SDG5 Dream Team nomination from GGWCUP on Vimeo.