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Statement by Denmark at the HLPF General Debate

09.07.2015  17:28
Delivered by H.E. Ambassador Mr. Ib Petersen, Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations, at the High Level Political Forum - High Level Segment. 8 July 2015.

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Mr. President,

I align this statement to the statement made yesterday by the EU on behalf of the EU and its member states.

Thank you for giving me the floor Mr. President and many thanks to the many useful remarks we have heard from the floor today as well as yesterday. As many have highlighted during the past days we must seek to clearly communicate our work on the new development agenda, and today I wish to point to three important aspects of the High Level Political Forum.

First, the High Level Political Forum should stand as an effective and inspiring forum, where leaders and representatives from all relevant stakeholders exchange best practices, share lessons learned and help one another to the finish line of the Sustainable Development Goals. The High Level Political Forum should act as the unifying arena for monitoring progress at the global level, with solid links to the broader framework for monitoring and review at the regional and national levels. The linkages between all three levels [national, regional and global] will be crucial in making the High Level Political Forum an efficient and a highly relevant forum.

Secondly, Mr. President,

The High Level Political Forum should not be a place to point fingers and condemn each other for lacking progress. On the contrary, it should be a forum to foster positive exchange between equals and gather inspiration to improve implementation across all levels. Participation will be an essential aspect of the forum as the inclusion of relevant stakeholders will ensure both accountability as well as the necessary science/policy interface. The active involvement of a wide range of stakeholders will also ensure that all parts of society have ownership of the agenda, including the private sector as well as civil society. We need to establish incentives that ensure participation at a high political level for the meetings of the forum, so that we can ensure the universality as well as the continuing political impetus of implementing the post-2015 agenda. We believe that peer reviews will be useful in promoting implementation and we welcome the contributions by
Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, the Philippines and Zambia, who will be making national voluntary presentations on Friday.

Thirdly, the High Level Political Forum should be a forum where progress and lessons learned in all three dimensions of sustainability are exchanged. For the well-being of our future generations, we believe that economic, social and environmental progress, are three integral parts of the same solution. Sustainable Consumption and Production is a good example of such integration. Goal 12 on Sustainable Consumption and Production is a truly transformative part of the Post 2015 agenda - with linkages to most of the other goals in the package. Sustainable consumption of raw-materials, energy, food, water is a central contribution to ensure that people are lifted out of poverty and that health and wellbeing is improved and maintained. Sustainable Consumption and Production is at the same time a positive agenda about “doing better with less”, linking the public and private responsibility. We were also very happy to see that Sustainable Consumption and Production had a special session at this High Level Political Forum - and we strongly encourage - that cross-cutting themes, such as Sustainable Consumption and Production or ‘leave no-one behind’, will have a place also in the High Level Political Forums to come.

In conclusion Mr. President, the High Level Political Forum should stand as the global apex of the one single overarching framework for monitoring, accountability and review of the whole post-2015 development agenda, including the means of implementation. In other words, integration will be a key element in the global monitoring framework in order to break down the existing silos as well as ensuring minimal duplication of efforts. While we will agree in September to leave no one behind, our High Level Political Forum in the next 15 years will play a crucial role to ensure that we honor our commitment.

Thank you Mr. President