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Speech by the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate

25.04.2016  17:10

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Your Excellences, Honored delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Paris Agreement is a historic turning point in the global effort to combat climate change.
It is a shift from action by few to action by all.

And it sends an important message to private investors that low emission is the future.

In Paris we agreed on the long term goals. Now the time has come to make the goals come true.

The EU has put forward a strong contribution to the Paris Agreement. And we are committed to turn our target into reality as soon as possible.

But we must remember that the contributions put forward by all Parties will not be enough to keep global warming below two degrees.
Therefore the Paris Agreement should be the starting point for the transition to a green economy, raising global ambitions until we reach our goal.

Denmark and the EU are committed to ensure a truly global implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Some countries will need support to reach their climate goals.

We support climate action in other parts of the world. We do so by mobilizing climate finance and providing capacity building for both mitigation and adaptation.

With bilateral partnership programs, Denmark is already supporting growth economies in their transition to become low emission economies.

We must also show that the transition to a green economy can be cost-effective.

We need to strengthen research and innovation within clean energy to bring down costs – for example through programs such as Mission Innovation. Denmark is proud to be a part of this program.

Denmark and the EU will strive to ratify the agreement as soon as possible. But, we should not forget the importance of also increasing global climate action before 2020.

And we need to involve the private sector and global investors through the Lima-Paris Action Agenda.

The market should be a key player in the transition to low emission. Only by joining forces across public and private sectors – and across all nations in the world – can we tackle the challenge of global climate change.

Thank you.