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Statement by Denmark at the intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 agenda

22.07.2015  17:36
Delivered by H.E. Mr. Peter Lehmann Nielsen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations, on the section on Sustainable Development Goals and targets. 22 July 2015.
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Mr. Co-facilitators,

Denmark aligns this statement with the statement made by the EU on behalf of the EU and its Members States and would like to add a few comments in our national capacity.

We welcome the brief introduction to the goals and targets outlining that the goals and targets are global in nature, universally applicable, taking into account different realities, capacities and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities.

Denmark does not see the need for further introduction to the goals and targets, and therefore, no need to include the chapeau of the proposal of Open Working Group. As co-facilitator, Mr.  Kamau, pointed to, such an inclusion would lead to an unfortunate repetition of large elements of the declaration.

We welcome the integration of the adjusted targets into the zero draft. Just as the goals and targets proposed by the Open Working Group represent a careful compromise, the list of adjusted targets was made in the same careful manner preserving the balance and integrity of the Open Working Group proposal. 

Therefore, we call for the inclusion of all the proposed adjusted targets. We agree with the comment just made by Ambassador Kamau, that this work on the goals and targets needs to be finalized now and should not to be left to the High Level Political Forum. We find that with all the proposed technical adjustments integrated, the discussion on this chapter should be closed and the goals and targets would be ready for adoption at the summit.

Mr. co-facilitators,

We note that the Means of Implementation related targets are presently reflected twice – both in chapter two and three. We do not see the need for this repetition as this document should be seen as an integrated whole for the entire post-2015 agenda.

I thank you for your attention.