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Statement on behalf of the Nordic Countries at the closing session on 'the way forward'

22.05.2015  19:46
Delivered by H.E. Ambassador Ib Petersen, Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations on behalf of the Nordic Countries at the Intergovernmental negotiations on the Post-2015 Agenda. 22 May 2015.

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I deliver this statement on behalf of Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and my own country, Denmark.

First, the Nordic Countries believe that the continued participation of stakeholders, including civil society, throughout the negotiations is vital for the success of our collective endeavor.  As we have stated before, the formulation of the Post-2015 Agenda is probably one of the most transparent and participatory processes in the history of the UN. It has so far led to the successful formulation of one set of goals and targets proposed by the Open Working Group. Furthermore, the strong ties created between governments and people will be essential to get the implementation started as quickly and effectively as possible. Therefore  it is essential that the process remains transparent and that we continuously engage all relevant stakeholders.

Second, we appreciate the thorough exchanges this week regarding monitoring, accountability and review. We look forward to your proposal for a single framework for MAR for the whole post-2015 Agenda. A framework, which is robust, effective and inclusive and covers all goals and targets and its means of implementation, thus providing us with the full picture of the implementation of the SDGs, including their financing. We must avoid duplication of processes and caution against establishing new institutions.

Third, communicating the vision and rationale of the agenda will be key to fostering action at home and worldwide. Such communication should capture the comprehensive, interlinked and transformative nature of the agenda. An ambitious agenda aiming to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development within the planetary boundaries and leaving no one behind. We do not believe that the so called ‘four P’s’ captures the complexity,  interlinkages and transformative nature, which we believe is the DNA of this agenda.

We share the view of the UN Secretary General that six integrated, action-oriented messages seem more appropriate for encapsulating this DNA. The Nordic countries are presently discussing how to best elaborate these six messages, considering proposals such as the one made by Germany, which builds on the six essential elements of the UNSG.

Gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls and the full realization of all human rights are essential for eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable development. We are therefore pleased to see gender equality at the heart of the new agenda, and also as a crosscutting topic in the interactive dialogues at the summit in September.

Before closing we would also like to also address the central role that the UN system will play in the implementation of the post-2015 agenda. Current efforts aimed at modernizing and re-positioning the UN development system in relation to current global challenges are timely and necessary so as to maximize the effectiveness and the efficiency of this indispensable world body. We would expect to see a supportive reference to these efforts in the zero draft of the political declaration.

Last but not least, the Nordic countries wholeheartedly support your efforts and leadership in this process. We are confident in your ability to hold the pen and steer us towards an ambitious result by 31st July, and we look forward to continue working with you and Member States to this end.

Thank you.